Introducing Donable: The App That Pays You to Recruit Blood Donors

Earn extra money by scheduling your friends, family members and colleagues to donate blood. Start getting paid with a purpose today!

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OBI cares deeply about sustaining the blood supply for local hospital patients. That’s why we’re proud to launch Donable®, a peer-to-peer app that will engage more people to support our mission! Donable® rewards community members for recruiting blood donors, by paying them for every successful blood donation that they inspire.

Here’s the problem that Donable® is solving — not enough people are donating blood, especially those under 30 years old. We’ve heard from donors under 30, and they want us to meet them where they are: on their phones. This app is our way of welcoming the next generation of givers to support our vital need for blood, by respecting their technology-focused lifestyle.

Donable® is for people who want a different way to make a difference. Now ANYONE can turn their network — friends, family, colleagues — into lifesavers who make a positive impact on their community (with the perk of extra cash).

Use the App’s Express Link + Earn $10/Donation

  • Download the Donable® app (Android and iOS)
  • Find your personalized scheduling link in the app (icon in the top left corner)
  • Post your link to social media, send in texts, and share with your personal network
  • When your personal network gives blood successfully through your link, you’ll earn $10 per blood donation!

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Schedule Donors in the App + Earn More Per Donation

  • Download the Donable® app (Android and iOS)
  • Ask your personal network to donate blood
  • Add their info to your donor list
  • Schedule convenient appointments for your donors
  • Get paid after each donor successfully gives — see how much you can earn here
  • Get paid again when they return to donate!

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More About Donable®

The Donable app is a way to earn money by recruiting blood donors! Save lives on your schedule!

The Donable app is not just for current blood donors. Download today and start getting paid with a purpose!

Get paid with a purpose.

It’s simple — local patients rely on blood donations because blood is irreplaceable. Using Donable® is a win-win — for you and the community. To download and learn more, visit:

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*Agents must be 18 years or older and can only recruit donors who are 18+. Blood donors are not paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why was Donable® created?

    Donable® was created to avoid a blood shortage. Simply not enough people are donating blood. To make the problem worse, there has been a huge drop in donors between 16 and 30 years old. That could be because there are many roadblocks to donating. Donable® eliminates many of those roadblocks, making blood donation efficient and accessible for more people. Because it’s an easy-to-use app, Donable® will engage a new generation of givers who are ready to make a difference.

  • How does Donable® work?

    Those who use the app are called Donable® agents. Agents earn money for every successful blood donation they recruit. Using the app, agents can sign people up to donate blood at a convenient location, remind them about their appointment, and follow up after their donation to reschedule their next appointment. Each time a donor gives, the agent gets paid. The app has a calendar scheduling feature and much more to help along the way.

  • Is Donable® secure?

    Yes! Donable® is a verified app in the Google Play Store and Apple Store. For payments, Donable® uses Stripe, a popular gig economy payment platform.

  • How does Donable® help OBI?

    Donable® helps OBI bring in more blood donations! Like most blood centers, OBI struggles to keep up with the demand for blood every day. Because Donable® agents are tapping into their personal networks, they are reaching out to people that OBI may not be able to communicate with yet. The more people who share OBI’s mission, the more stable the blood supply will be. As OBI’s partner, Donable® encourages agents to sign donors up at OBI blood drives and donor centers.

  • How much can I get paid?

    You can find the Donable® payment information here.

  • Can I get paid for my own blood donations?

    No. Donable® should be used to recruit other people to donate blood.