We're Upgrading

We’re improving our technology to make it easier for you to schedule much needed, lifesaving appointments.

Let's meet in the middle. We'll make the app, you make the appointment.

A Brief Pause for a Big Improvement

If you donate on or after June 7, your test results and voucher redemption email may be delayed until June 12.

Donors will not be able to access their donor portal on June 11 - but don't be deterred, you can always walk-in and donate.

A New Donor ID Coming

With this upgrade happening June 11, everyone will receive a new Donor ID.

If you previously created a username and profile with us, you will be able to log in to the donor portal using your customized username just as you did before.

If you are a new donor and want to create a login, you'll have to make sure you're using the right Donor ID by clicking here:

Retrieve My New Donor ID

Download Our App June 12

To download our app after June 12, visit the app store and search "Our Blood Institute."

You'll be able to log in with your donor portal username, password and new Donor ID. (Note: If you register the app without your Donor ID, you can access the app, but it won't be connected to your donor record.)

If you don't know your new Donor ID, you can log in to your account through the website and retrieve it, or you can search for it here:

Retrieve My New Donor ID

You're All Set!

You can now manage your donations, find blood drives or donor centers, see your test results and access the donor store when it's open.